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    Import / Export Options - Filemaker v10-0-3



      Import / Export Options - Filemaker v10-0-3


      Wishing to use Filemaker Pro v 10.0.3, but see that it no longer supports importing data from older file types e.g. wk1 or dbf v 3.  Is there a module that we can plug into Filemaker v 10 to re-enable this functionality?

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          When an application stops supporting file import options. the user must rely on a second application or utility to act as a middleman.

          Asking an application's designers to support ten year old or more than ten year old formats is not realistic.

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            One doesn't expect it to be built in forever, however, there are so many Users out there that are still running legacy systems and are only now looking to convert all their invaluable data they need to be able to use something, like the utility that existed in version 9. 


            Personally I have found a contact who has the old version and will import the data for us, saving me hundreds of input hrs.  First test run only had 6 field definitions that needed tweaking, out of 249!

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              Thank you for your post.


              The dBase file format (dbf) was removed in FileMaker Pro 10.0v1, but reinstated in 10.0v3.  You should be able to use this format.


              If you are running into difficulty with this format, please let me know.



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                The data export from our old softwae seems to be where the problem lies.  The old program is PC File 8 - most people have never heard of it.  Robust, I must say, but oh so limited.  Time for a change, hence FMP.

                The exported DBF file format is not recognised by any other program, so far, but the CSV and text works so we have a work around, thanks

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                  Found this old thread and in dire need for PC-File version 8. Tried everything from Access to SQL as replacement for PC-File R for Dos and they are far too complicated and yet so limited by comparison. PC-File R greatest but crashes on Win XP. My research indicates that PC-File 8 will import my Dos version and run on Windows XP but I cannot locate anyone with the program except for you. If you no longer have it, will Filemaker substitute without the major headaches and quirks of Access? I am desperate, using an 11 year old box with Win98SE and need to get going soon.




                  Dave Miga, EDS Inc. dave@eds-inc.com or daveeds@bellsouth.net