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Import / Updating Matched Records

Question asked by webflys1 on Oct 15, 2010
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Import / Updating Matched Records


Seems like the easiest things you get stuck on -

I am tryting to update matched records via an IMPORT. The .csv file I am importing looks like this:


The match field is the first field which is the customer order number. The field itself is a TEXT field, I also tried it as a "NUMBER field. No luck - it does not find these 3 records and update the records with the other two variables. No clue why.

So, the import script is simple:

00010495=Order Number

When the order number matches, update with the other two variables. The order nubers look like:


Not sure if the ZEROS in the beginning are doing something? Again, I tried the field as TEXT AND NUMBER - neither way updates the records. I read all the notes on importing & matching and do not go against any of the guidelines (calculated fields, portals... bla bla)