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Import all records from hidden file

Question asked by AnalogonEnterprise on Jun 21, 2014
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Import all records from hidden file


     I want to import all records from one file with 20 tables by script. If I do not open this file previously, all records are imported, but I have to enter the password of the file for each of these 20 imports. If I open the file previously, only the current subsets are imported. Now, Filemaker help says, all records will be imported, when the file is not open OR the file is open, but it is not displaying any windows. So how do I get there? When I open the file hidden, still only subsets are imported. When I open the file, and hide the window, still subsets are imported. When I close the window of the file, the file is closed, and again I have to enter my password 20 times. My mistake, or Filemaker bug?