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    Import all tables



      Import all tables


      Hi all,

      I have two files, one I have been adding fields to, the other is an original version but now has more data.

      File A has 3 tables which I have added fields to (added not changed)

      File B has 3 tables which has ben used and now has more data in it.

      I want to import all of the data from the 3 tables in File B and drop it into File A. On paper it's a straight import, 'everything in File B into the same fields in File A'. Everytime I try to run an import it wants me to create a new table in File A rather than letting me point to the table of the same name.

      Any ideas?

      TIA. Jack

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          If your are selecting Import Records from the File menu instead of performing a script where this same thing becomes a step in the script, first go to a layout based on the table into which you want to import this data. Selecting the layout selects the table into which you will import data unless you select the "new table" option.