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    Import Bento data into Filemaker Pro 9?



      Import Bento data into Filemaker Pro 9?


      Hi, there's got to be a cool way to do this I just haven't found yet... I'd like to import my Bento 1.x data into Filemaker Pro Advanced 9 and have the layout look similar to the one I had in Bento.


      I've already exported the Bento database as a CSV file, and I know how to import/export that way. If Filemaker (the company) wants Bento users to eventually upgrade to Filemaker Pro, then there has to be a way to do this without making users redesign their databases.


      Thanks in advance for your reply!



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          Hi JBerg,

          Thanks for posting!


          Unfortunately, you will only be able to import Bento's data as importing a Bento Layout is not possible at this time.  You may be able to find a plug-in that can do this, but in terms of just FileMaker and Bento it is not possible.


          I agree that this would be an awesome addition in the future.  Your best bet to seeing this happen (along with everyone's :smileyhappy: ) is submitting feature requests.  You can do so here:



          I'd fill it out for you but there is some information that might be better suited for you to fill out.  Let me know if there is anything else I can clarify for you.


          Is anyone else using the same configuration and can recommend any plug-ins?




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            This is really just such a shame! I will make a feature request, but really, I'm assuming Filemaker wants Bento users to upgrade easily when they need/want to, and this stops me dead in my tracks.


            Also, there is a tool called FMMigrator (see the same post over in the Bento forum), but it costs $100. My little nonprofit can't afford that when it should be really easy with FileMaker.



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              In the mean time, you can export your Bento data to a comma-separated values (CSV) text file (Bento 1 or Bento 2).  You can then import the data into FileMaker Pro.  This only brings across the data, so you would need to recreate each of your Forms/Layouts.  Not the ideal solution, but you can get your data across.



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                Yes, I realize that, and mentioned it in my first posting. The data only gets you so far... thanks for responding though.