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    Import Bento db WITH media files



      Import Bento db WITH media files


      I have a Bento db with just over 3300 records, 2700 sound files and many image/pdf files. This is too large for Bento to handle efficiently and I would like to get Filemaker Pro 11 and import it to that platform. I know you're not supposed to be able to import media files when importing a Bento db to Filemaker Pro 11, but there must be some way to do it, or at least to import a link to the file. Anyone have any ideas?

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          I wish I had an answer to this. If I did..., I'd definetly, upgrade from Bento to Filemaker, if it could be made to work without re-importing every media file.

          However, if you open the Bento.db container via the Finder by right-clicking and then select Show Package Contents. In the new Finder window find Contents/Resources/Assets for image files (in my Bento.db anyway). I suspect that other media files might be hidden in the Contents/Resources/Media folder. You can manipuate those files and folders independent of the Bento.db (copy, move, edit, cut, paste, etc.) so, perhaps someone could figure out where to move those folders or files to within a FM database while maintaining the links with your records. I reckon that's the tricky part.

          That's about as far as my guess goes.