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import creating layout problems - how to strip?

Question asked by margotjacqz on Mar 21, 2011
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import creating layout problems - how to strip?


I have an old database - fmp 3-8; multiple users and evolution over ten years. I am building a new application. On a different machine. Old db on Win XP; New on Mac Snow Leopard FMP 11.

I exported data a from the old Company records (*.csv) and imported them into a new Company table. When I went to work on the  layout, I discovered the fields were all mutated into what look like they might be repeat fields, color appeared and behaving badly (grouped?) when trying to move or resize. I haven't worked in layouts enough to figure out what their characteristics are, but I do know they are no longer bog standard initial layout fields with no properties other than fonts.

Questions - what is going on here?

is there a way to sanitize the data on exporting from 8? on upon importing? Is there a way to strip all added characteristics from layout field codes, or select all and recode? Where to even look for the diagnoses of the new state?

tnx, m