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Import Data and Lookup Problem

Question asked by Shields_1 on Apr 18, 2013
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Import Data and Lookup Problem


     I've been struggling with a solution and hopefully someone has an easy answer.

     I have a couple of CSV files with a customer's inventory data in them. One has product information and the other has manufacturer data.

     I setup an inventory table in FM with SKU, Category Name, Manufacturer Name and Description.

     I also setup another table called manufacturers with fields called Manufacturer ID, Manufacturer Name, Category ID and Category Name.

     I've imported the data into each table into their respective fields.

     What I'm trying to do is allow my customer to go to each record on the inventory file and select the appropriate Manufacturer Name from a drop down and have it autofill the Manufacturer ID from the Manufaturer table.

     Problem is, because it's imported data I have no match field avilable to create a relationship with.

     Is there a solution that I'm overlooking? Or possibly a better way to accomplish this?