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Import data from a different table using auto-enter

Question asked by sapa88 on Mar 12, 2012
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Import data from a different table using auto-enter




I want to find out a way how to import a particular data from a different table and auto-enter it into the field in a table we need.


ie : I have a table called "Status" and a table called "Programme". both these tables contain four fields such as Programme no, Programme Name, Programme Issue date, Programme Commenced Date, what i need to do is the user enters these four details in the "Programme" table and another different field called "Programme Status" is been included in the "Status" table. so when some one wants to find out the "Status" of a programme they simply goto "Status" table and enter the "Programme no" "Programme Name" which they entered in the "Programme" table. then it should import the "Programme Issue Date , Programme Commenced Date" from "Programme" table and auto-enter it in "Status" table which are relavant to "Programme No, Programme Name" in "Programme" table.