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    import data from an online form



      import data from an online form


           Is it possible to import data directly from an online form? There are a few different forms on our organization's website that users can fill out online; these forms provide some of the information that we plan to track with our FileMaker database solution. If this information can be directly exported from our online form into the database, that may save us some additional steps. 

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               If you can save the data into a particular file format, this may be a very straight forward import.


               All might be possible depending on the software used to publish your form to the web.

               And you might use WebDirect to publish your database to the web and then filling out a form on your web page could enter data directly into fields and records of your database--eliminating the need for any data import.

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                 Nice! Thank you! I'm sure I will have follow up questions, but for now these all seem like very workable options.