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    Import data from excel into multiple tables



      Import data from excel into multiple tables


      I'm trying to import data from an excel file into multiple tables (1 parent table and 2 child tables). When I get to the import section it allows me to import data into the parent table. However, the two "child" tables are grayed out.

      I have the "Allow creation of related records in this table" checked off.

      I also have both child tables as portals on a layout that takes data from the parent table.


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          If you are manually importing your data, you have to start from a layout based on the table into which you plan to import the data. Thus, you would first select a layout that refers to directly to the portal table in Layout setup... | Show Records From. Then you can import the data. Switch to a layout for the second related table and repeat this process.

          One thing to watch out for: The imported data in the related tables won't be linked to your parent table unless you are also able to import a value that serves as the foreign key to match a value in the Parent table's primary key field. This may be available for import, or you may have to add some additional processing work after the import to properly link your related data.

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            Thanks, thats the first step ;-)

            When I convert a file, I get all field names automatically. When I import data into a layoutI must first define the fields by hand. That's boring at 50 rows, that's my problem. Is there a possibility that the field names are "imported"?

            Or is a possibility to integrate another file, previously converted to FileMaker, as a table?