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    Import Data Into FM Pro 12 From Zoho CRM



      Import Data Into FM Pro 12 From Zoho CRM


           I have a zip archive that contains numerous .csv files, which contain various aspects of each records.

           My application was designed with a similar workflow in that Accounts, Contacts, and Users are all on separate tables. What is the easiest way for me to import records into my application from the data1.zip archive I have, from Zoho?

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               FileMaker can import data from csv files and you can select the "new table" option when doing so to create a new table into which the data is then imported. You can Launch Filemaker Pro, select "New Database". Cancel out of any efforts to create a new table with fields and then select Import Records | File to import your csv files one at a time into different tables.

               But this will only create a series of unrelated tables. You'll then need to go to Manage | Database | Relationships to establish relationships. and then comes layout design, scripting, etc to get a fully functional database.

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                 What about importing the records into an app I've already been designing [which you have helped me a number of times on]?

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                   Certainly possible. Make sure you have a up to date backup copy before trying this. That way, if you mess up your imports, you can try again with a new copy of the file.

                   You'll have to figure out whether the data should be imported into existing tables or new ones and you'll need to carefully check that the columns in the csv file can be successfully mapped to fields in your existing tables when doing that kind of import.

                   And look out for this gotcha: If your tables have an auto-entered serial number field, this field will be blank in imported records unless you do one of the folowing:

              1.           Map a corresponding field from the csv to it (Not a good idea in many cases) and then update the Next Serial value setting to avoid duplicate records the next time you create a new record.
              3.           Enable Auto-enter options during import. There's a small dialog that pops up just before you start the import where you can select a check box for this option. But this enables ALL options so it can't always be selected for an import.
              5.           Immediately after importing, you use Replace Field Contents to assign serial numbers to the serial number field.