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    Import details form ebay listing



      Import details form ebay listing



      Is it possble for Filemaker to import certain details from an eBay list (item number).  Example, enter the eBay item number, then filemaker will go to the eBay listing and import the sellers name, the item description, etc,  and place those details in the appropriate fields within the database record....?


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          It's possible in theory, but requires some sophisticated scripting and calculations to find and extract the needed data from the E-bay web page. If you could download this data into a file and import it, it would be easier to do.

          If you can set up a web viewer with a URL that successfully queries Ebay to bring up this data in the viewer, then you can use GetLayoutObjectAttribute with the "content" parameter to extract the contents of the viewer into a text field. Then scripts/calculations can be used to locate the data found somewhere in that block of text to save it in other fields in your database.

          This assumes that you can figure out how to get the web viewer to display the information--which may or may not be possible.

          Once you have a solution working for you, you are then at the mercy of any changes E-Bay may make to their web site that then "break" your extraction process until you update it to match.