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    Import drama



      Import drama



      I'm having problems with FM.

      I've created all the records I want to import into FM in a exhell spreadsheet, but I've had to merge two different spreadsheets to get all the info in one. I can import the spreadsheet info just fine but I've noticed that one spreadsheet had first name then surname, the other had surname, then first name. So my merged spreadsheet is mixed with the two.

      Is there a way for FM to when I navigate through the records in the db I could press a button that record and FM would perform a script that can swap the two around.

      I'm almost sure it can I just can't figure it out, any help would be most welcome.


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          1. Make a back up copy of your file in case you make a mistake during this operation.
          2. Add a third field for temporary use. You can delete this field definition when you are done.
          3. Isolate all the records where you need to swap the name fields in a found set. You'll need to perform a find or something so that only the records where you want this change to take place are present.
          4. Place the temp field on your layout for this table.
          5. Click or tab into the temp field.
          6. Use Replace Field Contents with the calculation option to copy the last name field into this temp field for all your records.
          7. Use Replace Field Contents to copy the first name field into the last name field
          8. Use Replace Field Contents to copy the temp field into the first name field
          9. Done.