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Import Excel table with multi records to one person

Question asked by steve_c on Oct 18, 2013
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Import Excel table with multi records to one person


     I am pretty new to Filemaker and would appreciate some help or point me in the right direction with a training database I am starting.

     I would like to import an exel table to start and create  a new database.  I have placed the excel file into FM and it appears to work fine.  The excel table is basically a report from another database program.

     I have a number of fields in the table:


     First Name

     Last Name

     Training Course

     I have many more fields but I hope I can explain my issue with just the above.

     I have 5 rows of a record

     ID   First Name   Last Name   Training Course

     001 Jed                 Smith             First Aid

     001 Jed                 Smith             Abrasive Wheels

     001 Jed                 Smith            Fire Precautions

     001  Jed                Smith            Tractor

     What I need to try and create from the above sample data ( i have lots about 140 persons with up to 10 training courses each) is only one 001 Jed Smith with all the courses etc.


     Is there anyone can assist, hopefully I have explained my problem rather than confuse everyone out there?