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Import Expense Template

Question asked by MikeF_1 on Jun 21, 2012
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Import Expense Template



Have a layout based on table Events.

There is a portal to table EventExpenses on that layout.


The objective is to click a button that will automatically
import records from table ExpenseBlankTemplate into that portal, after a new
blank record is created in the layout.  
Note – this would be a separate function from Add New Record.


The two tables are related by field EventID.

When a new record is created in the layout, a new EventID
[serial number] is generated in table Events.

If I was to manually add a record into the Expenses portal,
it would automatically put the relevant EventID from table Events into the newly added record in
the Expenses table.

Need that to occur for each of the 30 records from
ExpenseBlankTemplate that will be imported into the portal [table
Expenses].  … The EventID’s in the template
records are blank.


Also, there is a CompanyID field in table Expenses which
“looks up” to CompanyID in table Events.

It also needs to be populated with the relevant CompanyID
from table Events.

All CompanyID records in the template table are blank.

Presume this would take care of itself by checking the
“Perform Auto-Enter Options”.


Hopefully the foregoing is clear and concise.


Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.