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    Import Export User Accounts



      Import Export User Accounts


           Is it possible to import/export user accounts between two FMP files?  I'm just about done with my latest update to our database, however I've had a couple of users start to use their accounts before I could deploy.  I'd like it to be seamless for them and not force them to re-enter a new password; hence wanting to import their accounts/privledge set into the updated database.  Any way of doing this?

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               It's not a simple thing to do and you don't have the necessary table in your database to do it in your case.

               The only way I know to do this is to start out with a table of account names and passwords and you use scripts to manage the changes, logging each change in this table. Of course, having a table of passwords in your database is something of a security liability. One way to reduce that risk to is use a plug in to store encrypted passwords instead of the original.

               With such a table of accounts and paswords, you can use a script to loop through the records and update account settings.

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                 I kinda figured.  Eventually, I want to pickup FM Server and do my accounts through our already established Open Directory accounts on OS X Server.  Guess we'll just have to deal with it this time around.