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Import Field Map - can it be saved?

Question asked by paolini on Sep 27, 2012
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Import Field Map - can it be saved?


     I am working with FMP 10 and have imported from an Excel spreadsheet.  I have matched up the fields from the spreadsheet with the fields found in my FMP database.  The import went as expected/desired.  However, when I went to perform the same task with the same FMP database, the Import Field Map was not the same as I left it the day before.  This necessitated the matching up of the fields from the Excel and FMP all over again.  There are a number of fields that I am importing to and the process is time consuming.  I don't see any way to 'save' the Import Field Map so that I can import on multiple occassions over and over again (after opening and closing the FMP database on a daily basis).

     Any help or advice would be appreciated.

     Greg P.