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    Import Fields from one file to another?



      Import Fields from one file to another?


      I have 2 files that are nearly identical. We use one for quotes and the other for live jobs. When we add something new, I create the fields and calculations in one of them and test a while before going live. Then, when it goes live, I have to have all of the new fields in both files. Is there an easy way to copy or import the fields from one file to another?

      So far, I have been doing it manually. Once that is done, I can copy/paste layouts and import scripts from one to the other without a problem. I'd just rather save some work if I can. And if I type a field name wrong the second time, stuff breaks. If I could just select a range of fields to import from one file to the other, it would save a lot of time and maintain accuracy, but I can't see a way to do it. 

      Thanks for any help!