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Import file and make a copy in folder

Question asked by BorisSevar on Jul 15, 2011
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Import file and make a copy in folder


Hi all,

I'm looking for a way to copy and move files which are not in the Filemaker database, but using scrips in Filmaker to do that.

I'll try to explain:

* One table of my database is dedicated to store files (.pdf ; .docx; .txt) linked to our daily work.

* At the moment, I import all files to the database using "Save only a reference". We have dedicated a folder on our internal server and all files added to the database have to be moved first to this folder manually through Windows Explorer before we can import them to the "Container" field in the database.

* This system works but is very limited, because it happens that the files get moved or deleted by users on the server.

My question: Is there a script that opens the import file dialog box, the user selects the file he wants to import to the database and Filemaker makes automatically a copy of this file in a designated folder using a field "ID" as name for the file and store only a reference to this file in the database.

Thank you for your help