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    Import File with date change



      Import File with date change



           I have a script that imports an excel file from an email I receive daily however the date changes and I always have to find the file on my HD. How could I get this to find the file and ignore the date or find the most current date? This is what I download "DI Container report 1-11-13.xls"

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               You might be able to do this if you were able to get a list of the file names of all files in a given folder.

               FileMaker can do this if the folder of excel files is located inside the documents folder.

               FileMaker can  do this with any folder if you acquire one of the plugins that offer this added capability.

               FileMaker can do this with a system script--though such are specific to a particular platform. A batch file, for example can use the DIR command to generate a text file of the filenames and then FileMaker could import such a text file to get the list of filenames.

               Whichever method you use, once you have a list of filenames, a script can select the filename with the largest date and from their a file path to the file can be constructed, put in a  variable and used with the Import Records script step to import data from this specific excel file.

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                 I  down load the file from an email with my default settings saving files to drop box after my FM script runs applescript deletes file to the trash.  If I were to name a folder "Documents" on drop box would that work? Not sure if this is worth a plug in expense for me. I am running on 11 does 12 do this?

                 What would the scripting be using the Document example? Use a susbstitute function?

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                   Documents is a standard folder located on both mac and windows computers.

                   Get ( DocumentsPath )

                   Returns the file path to this folder on your local computer.

                   Get ( DocumentsPathListing )

                   returns a list of all folders and files contained by Documents on your computer.

                   adding a new folder and naming it "documents" will not make it the Documents folder.