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    Import from Bento



      Import from Bento


           I have just used FM Pro 13 to import a Bento file, via excel?

           As you can see from the attachment the date formats are all wrong.

           I went to the fields and changed them from a Text to Date fields, and this is the result.

           How do I get them to show, without the time, in UK date format i.e.  Day/Month/Year?

           Have I imported it correctly?


           Many thanks.




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               IF the values in the date fields are correct, only the format is not what you want, then you can use the inspector's data formatting to change the date format to what you want. You may also want to check the locality settings on your computer and on the text tab in File Options.

               To specify a date format for a table view such as you have in your screen shot:

          1.           Enter Layout mode
          3.           If a date field is not on the layout, use the field tool or the field picker to add the field(s) to the layout. If you are only going to use table view with this layout, it will not matter where on the layout that you place this field.
          5.           Select the date or timestamp field and then use the date formatting options on the Inspector's data tab to specify the desired date format.
          7.           Return to browse mode and check your results.

               These steps assume that the field you are formatting has been defined to be of type date or timestamp, not text.

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                 Thanks for the reply.


                 I carried out your instructions, but when I go into browse mode I just get question marks in the date fields.


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                   Make the fields wider and see if that corrects the issue. A question mark sometimes just means that the field/column is too narrow to display the data in the field.

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                     Sorry still the same, question marks only.



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                       Just changing the data format should only produce a question mark due to the field being too narrow as it doesn't change the value stored in the field. Click in the field. Do you see the value when you click into it? If so, then the field needs to be wider. If you are in Table view, you'll need to drag to make the column wider. In other views, you enter layout mode, click a field to select it and then drag a re-size handle to make the field wider.

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                         Have you tried using the Migration Tool that is available at the Bento site? This worked perfectly when I migrated from Bento to FMP12. No need to convert to another format.

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                           Downloaded the migration tool, but when I try to open the program I get an error message and it won't open.



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                             Are you saying that you cannot even launch the Migration Tool? If you haven't already, post on the Bento for Mac Forum, include as much detail as you can. Someone there should be able to help you. I have no idea why you can't open the Migration Tool.