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    Import from Excel into a Portal field



      Import from Excel into a Portal field


      I have a portal field list that I need to import data into from an excel spreadsheet -- is this possible?  The portal is in my mail list data page, but related to our registration database...  I have the portal field name included in the excel spreadsheet, but the data doesn't drop in during an import.  ANy help would be greatly appreciated!!



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          Melinda, you need to import directly into a layout based upon same table as your portal.  If you want to capture the related parent key so you can relate your newly imported portal records, you can use a variable or a global (or even a script parameter) to grab it, something like:


          Set Variable [ $RegistrationID ; Registrations::RegistrationID ]

          Go To layout [ layout based upon mail list portal ]

          Set Error Capture On

          Import [ ]

          Replace Field Contents [ Mail List::RegistrationID ; $RegistrationID ]

          Commit Records/Requests

          Go To Layout [ original layout ]