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Import from Open OpenOffice problem

Question asked by keith on Apr 1, 2012
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Import from Open OpenOffice problem


FM11 Mac 10.6 OpenOffice 3.3

Downloading bank statement to OpenOffice and then importing into FM.

Problem with a few balances - say 1%, e.g. In FM, a balance of 626.42 became 626.41999999999995907.

The debit and credit amounts are fine and no problem shows in OpenOffice, i.e. if I show 10 places, it becomes 626.4200000000. Different banks show same problem.

No calcs involved in FM or OpenOffice. The Db, Cr and Balance fields are simple number fields in FM. 

Any ideas on what's causing it?



Just noticed that problem has occured with an OpenOffice file which I have created manually, i.e. no bank download or involvement.

17230.26 in OpenOffice has become 17230.259999999998399 in FM.