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    Import from SOHO Notes to Filemaker?



      Import from SOHO Notes to Filemaker?


      I have the newest version of SOHO Notes and need to import my data from SOHO Notes to Filemaker. I currently have Filemaker Pro Advanced 10 but expect to upgrade to 11 shortly. Is there a way to do this import without reentering all the data?

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          I've never used SOHO notes, so can only give general advice here:


          Does SOHO notes give you options for exporting the data? (Most such apps do.)


          What file formats can SOHO export to?


          Chances are there's a common file format that SOHO can export to and Filemaker can import from. Find that format and you've got what you need.


          Common file formats that are often used for such data exchanges:


          Text, Tab delimitted text, CSV (comma separated values), excel files, DBF, XML


          and filemaker can import from all of these file formats.