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Import Function Not Working in Script

Question asked by KatieMatteson on Mar 20, 2015
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Import Function Not Working in Script



I have two tables, one is a table full of building permit information for residential areas (which is typically missing the subdivision name, but always has street and zip code info). The other holds a record of street names and zip codes that belong to the subdivisions in our city.

I've set up a relationship between two tables: Subdivisions & Permit Data (see image below)

I've written a script to find all the permit files that are missing the subdivision information, and to fill the subdivision name in if the zip code and street name from the subdivision table match (see image below)

When I run the script, it appears to find the records that need to be filled in, but the records don't update, and the subdivision information doesn't ever fill in.

I don't think it would affect anything, but just in case it's relevant - the database is hosted on a cloud-based server.

Any suggestions for how to get this issue fixed would be greatly appreciated!