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    Import Function Not Working in Script



      Import Function Not Working in Script



      I have two tables, one is a table full of building permit information for residential areas (which is typically missing the subdivision name, but always has street and zip code info). The other holds a record of street names and zip codes that belong to the subdivisions in our city.

      I've set up a relationship between two tables: Subdivisions & Permit Data (see image below)

      I've written a script to find all the permit files that are missing the subdivision information, and to fill the subdivision name in if the zip code and street name from the subdivision table match (see image below)

      When I run the script, it appears to find the records that need to be filled in, but the records don't update, and the subdivision information doesn't ever fill in.

      I don't think it would affect anything, but just in case it's relevant - the database is hosted on a cloud-based server.

      Any suggestions for how to get this issue fixed would be greatly appreciated!






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          What is "360 Real Estate Analytics"?

          How did you set up your matching fields for the the update? (A screen not of the field mapping dialog would show a number of critical details).

          From the lack of results, it would seem likely that no records from your source file match to any records in your found set--so a look at what matching fields have been selected might reveal why that is the case.

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            Sorry about that, not sure why the third image didn't upload - here's a screen shot of the import mapping.


            360 Real Estate Analytics is just the name of the database. I have a test record that I created which I know matches the zip and the street name of a subdivision in my subdivision table.

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              That all looks correct to me in terms of import details.

              But one rather insidious issue comes to mind: Is the target table occurrence named as your target table the same target table occurrence as that for the layout where you performed your find for records where this field is empty? In otherwords, when you open layout setup on the layout where you or your script performed this find, do you see the exact text "Permit Data" in "show records from"?

              And was this find performed in the same window that you are now using for your import.

              If you have two layouts based on different occurrences of the same table or if you perform a find in a different window, you end up with two found sets that are independent of each other.