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    Import function now broken



      Import function now broken


      We have been using filemaker to import a text file, and it appears that an update last week has broken this functionality. Can someone point me to a comprehensive explanation of the changes with this update; specifically any changes to the way data is imported from a text file? I have searched, but as the update was rolled out (to us) last week, I've been able to find nothing on this so far.

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          First I've heard of issues with importing from a text file due to the 11.03 update. Can you provide a more detailed description of this issue?

          Which text import options are you using?

          Are you importing by selecting that option from the File menu or by running a script?

          How did this function break? No data imported? data imported into incorrect fields? or ?

          If you create a simple test file and import into it from your text file, does that work?

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            Thank you. The details I have are incomplete at present, but I'll answer your questions as I can.

            The process was originally working as follows:

            People wanting cust svc would fill out a form on our site. Every day, our CSR's would pull a dump from the database, which is comprised of a plaintext csv file, and would import it to FM via the "import" feature on the menu bar. However, it does appear that this opens a dialog where we select the actual import script to run. This process has been working with no issue for many months at this point.

            More recently (since last thursday when the FM update was applied to our copy), I am advised that instead of the script parsing the values into their corresponding fields in FM, it parses the first line into a new, blank record; it then dumps the remainder of the FILE into the comments field of the same record.

            I am having our lead CSR review the script to see if it has somehow been rolled back to a previous iteration in the course of the update, and I'll update when I know those details. It would appear that end-of-line characters are not being treated as they were originally.

            I was hoping to find that there had been some substantive change in the way FM imports csv's or something, so that I could create a file to test with based on that info. If such a substantive change has not been delivered in the update, my suspicion is that the issue is along the lines of the preceding paragraph.

            Thanks again.

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              Also check to confirm that the format of the text file has not been accidentally modified in some way. If the characters that are supposed to separeate one record from another in the csv file have been changed, it might get treated like one giant record here, and that would appear to match what is being described.

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                Thank you. I agree with your reasoning, but I can confirm that the text file format has not changed.

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                  In follow-up, I was not able to locate any errors which would explain the import problem, either in the text-file, or in the import script. A subsequent import worked fine, so it would not appear that there's any issue in the software. A gremlin, perhaps.

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                    Perhaps the export-import file was corrupted dring download.