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    Import Image



      Import Image


      Hey Everyone,

      I have a folder with all .jpg files in it. Im looking to have a script search that directory to match the name of that file to the clients case number. So if client has a case number of C12345  and in the image folder... if file starts with C12345 then import the image... Is this possible to do ? Thanks



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           Or the other option is... import the pictures into another table in file maker and then have a relationship setup however, is it possible on the import...filemaker can get the picture name and import the name into a field called File Name. Then setup a relationship between both tables. 


          Client Profile Table = CaseNumber C12345

          and Client Image Table File Name field =C12345

          then insert Picture into

          Client Profile Table= Image Field

          Something like that. Is this possible . I dont know how else to make the link on the relationship.

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            Import Records | Folder can import all the images in a folder into a table of images. There's an option where you can specify that the file name be imported into a second field in the same table--which can be linked in a relationship to your existing table.

            Hmm, "profile". These wouldn't be bottle profiles would they? Used to work in the bottle closure industry and these terms and the format to the SKU (C12345) look very familiar.