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    import in existing database



      import in existing database


      Hello, I would like to know if someone can solve this problem :

      Each week we import into filemaker (FM9), using the update existing records options and a matchfield. The sourcefile contains records with equal matchfields. If this same matchfield already exists in the targetfile, the record is updated without problem, but if there is no matching field in the targetfile, the record will appear duplicated (or more) in the found set after importing.

      Thanks for helping

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          Update existing doesn't use match fields, it will complete overwrite your found set with the records in the import file.


          Update matching, uses match fields, and will only update records and fields if a match is found in the current found set.  Not having a proper found set has bitten me a few times.  The other issue, is if your match field is not set to be unique, and records in the found set that are remaining, after the matching, will be added, without regard for duplicates.

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            How do you use a matching field to say:  "only add records where no match exists"  so if I have three records (1,2,3) and I import from an Oracle database with four records (1,2,3,4) it will only import record number 4?