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    import INTO repeating field



      import INTO repeating field


      can it be done? I am using FMP 8.5(yeah, I know, but it's strictly for trivial personal stuff). I can find info on how to import FROM repeating fields but not INTO them. Can it be done? I have too much data to import to be doing it manually. Help??

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          What form does the data take that you  are importing into this repeating field? Unless it is itself a repeating field, This can't simply be imported, you'll need to import into an intermediary file and use a script to move the data from the intermediary file into the repetitions in your field.

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            I was experimenting with using a .csv input file with only 2 fields like so;


            Hey You,Pink Floyd

            Another Brick In The Wall,Pink Floyd

            Marooned,Pink Floyd

            Tracks1 is a repeating field in my FMP db and I want each song title to go into it.

            Same for Tracks2 where I would like the artist to go.

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              It will be much simpler to import the data into a table of two fields, Title, Band (or whatever names you like)

              and then link to this table by the band field instead of using a repeating field. A "Pink Floyd" record in your main table could then use a portal or a calculation field to list all titles by Pink Floyd.

              But if you must put them in a repeating field (I can't recommend that approach, a related table is much, much more flexible), A script can loop through such records and populate repetitions of the repeating field from the data in this table.

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                Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try.