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    Import into Starter Solution



      Import into Starter Solution


      Hi, i have old invoices i wish to import into the Invoice database from the starter solution provided with Filemaker.

      Simple question - how do i import into invoice data table (seem to be only able to get as far as invoice table)

      Any help would be appreciated!



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          Is the basic structure of the two invoice tables the same?

          Can you map the fields of your invoice table to the fields of the starter solution's invoice table?

          Do you have a line items table like that of the starter solution?

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            I can make the tables the same (currently old data in excel spreadsheet)

            I can split and manipulate the excel data easily enough, but i do not seem able to choose import in to the invoice line items table for some reason.

            Any ideas?

            Thanks for replying!

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              Import Records, when manually selected from the File Menu, automatically selects the current layout's table as the target table for your import. To import into a different table, navigate to a layout based on that table. To see on what table a layout is based, enter layout mode and check the "Show records from" drop down list found in Layout Setup...

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                Thanks - got there in a roundabout sort of way!

                One other thing, if i want my invoice numbering to not be sequential, but be the date followed by a sequential number (eg 2012_07_09_1, 2012_07_09_2, etc), is that an easy thing to do, or am i just making things complicated?

                thanks again


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                  You are risking significant complications.

                  A simple auto-entered serial number remains your best bet for the invoice number. Use that for your relationships. If you need another identifier for your invoices that contains some "meaning" encoded into it, set it up in a field that is NOT used as the primary key for your table. Once user's need to see the field and "decode" meaning from it, you run the risk that they will require you to change the format or content at some point in the future and then you'll have a major task updating the data in your records without breaking the links to other related records.

                  A simple way to get your date plus sequence invoice number is to define a separate auto-entered serial number for the _1, _2, sequence.

                  Then use this auto-enter calculation:

                  Let ( D = Get ( CurrentDate ) ;
                         Year ( D) & "_" & Right ( "0" & Month ( D ) ; 2 ) & "_" & Right ( "0" & Day ( D ) ; 2 ) & "_" & SerialNumberField

                  Then use a script to reset this serial number field back to once a day late at night or early in the morning when there is no chance anyone is using the system.

                  Just don't use the result as a key in relationships...