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import line items to new FPro 11 solution

Question asked by rbc on Nov 8, 2010
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import line items to new FPro 11 solution


Hi, just bought FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced having been using version 6 since its release, probably about 10 years ago. Am trying to bring over my 6x solutions to 11x.

In FileMaker Pro 6 I have 3 databases linked to each other: hours, charities, line items. I create one record per month in hours dB and enter the data using a line items portal window. All entries link to the line items database. I have almost 1000 records.

Managed to get the concept recreated in FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced by creating 3 Tables and necessary relationships. (Attached sample)

The layout design isn't working yet but will deal with that once the data is ported over.

How do I bring over the hundreds of records from the FPro 6x line items dB (via Excel) into each of the respective year/month Hours Table (portal)? (12 records per year)? If I bring them all into the Line Items Table, they won't appear in the respective Hours Table record.

FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced database:

Table 1: Charities <contact for each charity>

 Table 2: Hours <Portal Fields from Line Items>

(1.>date of activity)

(2.>drop down showing charities from Table 1)

(3> self-relation sort of events)

(4> self-relation sort of venues)

(5>self-relation sort of activity)

(6>entered or will be calculated from fields not yet in Table (end minus finish = total)

 Table 3: Line Items <collected entries from Table 2>