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Import new records after creating relationships

Question asked by cgmiguel on Aug 18, 2012
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Import new records after creating relationships



I'm a brand new user of FM, and I've been using it so far to reorganize data I had collected for a research project years ago. I've done 4 tables and linked them with relationships. At first, everything was perfect, the relationships worked and my queries were ok, but...

Yesterday, I decided I needed to add records in one of my tables. I used the import script to bring new records from an Excel file. The fields were all correctly filled for those new records. One problem is that I now have some relationships that work and others that don't. The 2 important tables in this problem are the following:

Sites (with archaeological site names and their coordinates)

Layer (with the stratigraphic layers and their associated C14 dates).

On the Sites layout, I created a portal that shows (or is supposed to show) all layers in that site that have C14 dates.

Basically,  both tables have a field called 'site' that are linked through the relationship. What is weird now is that the relationship seems to be still working between the sites and layers that were entered prior to my making the relationship. Any new record I add (through import or even simply through 'new record') in 'Layer' is not linked to any site even if the 'Site' field correspond to a valid site entry. Also, the portal for any site shows only the layers that were there prior to the changes. I figured maybe it was a glitch and tried re-creating a 'layer' table by exporting what I have now and reimporting it in a new table. But I just realized that only the records that were entered prior to the creation of the relationships are exported... I know this might be related to the 'allow the creation of new record through this relationship', but I've tried turning this on/off and creating new records/exporting records in both situations, and it doesn't seem to change anything. I don't really have the time to recreate this database from scratch, so any help would be appreciated.