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Import new2 records only

Question asked by ErichBrandt on Jul 2, 2014
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Import new2 records only


     I have researched this and could not find a simple answer. Perhaps by design concept was incorrect.

     Here is my question..

     I have two tables that I am importing data to/from. My source table (Master_Service_Index) and my destination (Pricing_Template_Lines).

     I am wanting to import new records that are added to the (Master_Service_Index) to the (Pricing_Template_Lines) via a script.

     I have one script that imports all the records when a New template is created , this works fine. I find all records in the source table, import the records, find all the records that don't have a Template_ID, and perform a 'replace all'' with the current template ID (stored as a temp global). Works like it should.

     When I want to update a particular template with any new records that have been created in the Master_Service_Index, I need to run a separate update script that will find new records only, assign the pricing_template_ID.

     Since I have a unique repair ID in both tables, I thought I could simple do an import based on the Repair_ID match field and select the ADD NEW RECORDS option. This works fine but I have one major issue. When I perform the initial New template Import, it imports a default price, that can then be edited by the user. When I perform the Update script to import the new records, it sets the price field contents back to the source table default pricing for all the records for that template.

     I tried editing the mapping so that it would not import the Price field, but it still updated all the records with the source table pricing. If I tried using the adding new records only , I got duplicates (since it does not know which records are new).


     I hope this is not too confusing but basically, when receiving a order and assigning an order a customer ID (which in turn has a pricing template ID assigned to it)...when a repair id is entered, the pricing for that template and repair ID is looked up from the Pricing_template_Lines.  

     If I did not have an issue with the pricing being reverted back to the source table value, then I could use the update/ add new records option.


     Is there a simple option I can use, or am I going to have to use a work-around involving additional tables?

     Here are the tables and relevant fields.

     Master_Service_Index                       Pricing_Template_Lines

     N/A                            >                     Template_ID

     Repair_ID                  >                     Repair_ID

     Repair_Description    >                     N/A

     Repair_Cost_Default  >                    Repair_Cost   (Initial Import Script Only)