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Import not working (sometimes)

Question asked by FilmUser on Nov 4, 2014
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Import not working (sometimes)


FMP 12  - FMServer 12 - Windows 7

Hello – I administer a database containing a number of tables and relationships between them.

Think of this as a data base of products. One table (Products) contains code numbers and descriptions, one table (MKT numbers) stores special marketing numbers, assigned to only certain products in the Products table.

The user creates the products, then performs a find for the products requiring a MKT number. Then the user navigates to the MKT table by scripted button which opens a new window in the MKT table layout, positioned on the display to see both windows.  (Users are encouraged to have only one Product window open, containing the found set of products before going to the MKT layout.) A button on the MKT layout imports from the Products table the found set of codes. These MKT numbers are then assigned by another user from an offline system.

First script step is a custom message to ensure the correct found set, if “no” exit script, etc.

Second step is the import, scripted to navigate to the server hosting the data base, then to the Products table, then importing the codes, and two other fields from Products. These fields are in both tables, imported from Products to MKT, if that matters.

The script then sets two fields in the MKT layout, one Current date and one Acct name, as a means of tracking who uses the script and who imports manually, sometimes even one code at a time.


Occasionally, the script will import many, many records, even though the found set is correct. This happened to me last week, so I closed all windows except one (in Products), found 10 items, opened the MKT table layout, ran the import script, and knew by the coffee cup that I was importing at least 1000 records. Also, when this happened, only the first record had the data set into the fields described above in the last steps of the script.

I started over, ran the script again, and the same thing happened.

This doesn’t happen very often, but I must have something incomplete in the script.

Any suggestions?