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    Import of Tab delimited file



      Import of Tab delimited file


      I have a large tab delimited file that is importing only 66 columns of 240.  Access 2000 imports all 240 columns. Is there a setting I am missing?  Do I have to set a layout before the import?  Thanks for any assistance

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          Thank you for your post.


          I just imported a tab-delimited file with 250 fields, and it worked properly.  In the Import dialog box, I am able to see the data match up as I skip through the records before clicking "Import".  Also, make sure all fields are selected to be imported.  If you select a subset of fields, then only data will be imported into those fields.


          If you are still having difficulty, then I would like to see the file.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with instructions where to send the text file.



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               Also, could it be that there is a return or newline character in a field in one of the lines?  FM will interpret this as a new record.
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                 Is it importing into a table view?  Might there be a limit only on what it is displaying in table view?  To chec, switch to form view and see if all the data is there.