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Import one column only

Question asked by EllenClark on Jan 6, 2013
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Import one column only


     I am in the trial version, so new to FM. I set up my contact database with 52k names with all the fields I wanted- or so I thought. While setting up the iPad layout I suddenly noticed I didn't have anything in the Job Title field in any record. Going back to the import box I realized I had put an arrow for "job title" with" title", which is a field I am not using and is not on my layout.(It is a field for MR, Mrs etc). I should have lined up with "job Title" instead of "title" so all my records in "job title" field are empty.

     I tried imp0rting just that one field( column "V" in Excel) again but it didn't work. Before I tell what I did it is important to note that I had deleted some of the records in FM that were of people no longer of interest. So there are less records in FM than the original Excel source spreadsheet. This is what I did:  after I chose which file to import i did not put an arrow to any field to import EXCEPT the Job Title field that I was lacking. In other words I just had one arrow for the one field missing information. Is this the right way? I did not get any titles. I am wondering if it has something to do with the less records. Maybe I have to chose update records AND then put an arrow to import next to names of the people so it lines up? OR will just the one arrow for title work? 

     Thanks for any help