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Import ONLY selected record(s) from other table in sep. db?

Question asked by jomonster8u on Jul 19, 2010
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Import ONLY selected record(s) from other table in sep. db?


Hi all,

I'm using Filemaker Pro 11.  Hopefully someone can (please) help me with this.

I have a file, say DB1, and it has a table, say DB1Table, that is related to another table in another file, say DB2, table DB2Table.

These tables are related and all is working just fine.

At a point in time, when certain conditions are met, specific records from DB2Table will need to be imported into DB1Table. 

I do not want them removed from DB1Table – the import function is exactly what I need. Problem is, ALL of the records in DB2Table will not meet the specific conditions, and I don’t want all of them imported – only the ones that meet my criteria. 

This won’t be too often, but often enough that it’s a hassle to enter the info manually into DB1Table.

I have all of the related records showing in a portal when I’m in a layout in DB1, so I can easily see which records I need to be imported.  I can do them one at a time (they only need to be imported once – they will not need to be updated) when I see the conditions are met, which would be best (maybe a button to run the script in the portal row??), or a script to import the entire found set is fine.

Can this be done?  If there is another way, not using the import function, please clue me in!  I’ve looked all over and I can’t figure out how to get my script to import ONLY the records I need and not all that exist within the DB2Table. 

PLEASE help!  Ty!!!