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    Import Paradox 5 data/tables



      Import Paradox 5 data/tables


      Which methods should I use to import old Paradox 4 and 5 data into FileMaker 10?


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          Do you still have Paradox installed on a machine you can use?


          I don't know exactly what options you have available in Paradox, but most such software is able to export the data as a tab or csv file. Almost as many can export the data as an excel file. Filemaker can import any of these formats as well as some other formats. Find a format that Paradox can export and Filemaker can import and use that method to move your data into a Filemaker File.

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            Yes, these applications are still on my machine, and I still use both selectively.  But, apparently FMP 10 will do much, much more. It would be great, If I could easily combine the Paradox tables I still use with FMP. Thanks so much. Gasser

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              When you import data into filemaker records, there's a new table option that will both create a new table and import the data in one operation.

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                One further question. Must I have Excel to import into, then export out of, or can I communicate directly between Paradox and FileMaker? Thanks, Gasser


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                  If you are exporting data in excel format and then importing into filemaker, you might need Excel. Sometimes you have to open the file once in Excel and choose save as, if there are problems getting one of the fields to import correctly. It's also useful to have just to open and inspect the exported data to see if it was exported in the format you expected.


                  If you are exporting a tab or csv file, you don't need Excel at all.

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                    Thanks Mr. Caulkins. Guess I'll just have to get Excel. I've been very happy with 1, 2, 3. Gasser

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                      I had a similar issue with Paradox and found a few options.  Many versions of Paradox will export directly to the .dbf (dBase) III, IV, or 5 format or even CSV, all of which the newest version of Filemaker (10.0v3) will import.  


                      However, I had BLOB (Binary Large Object) memo fields in my Paradox 8 tables with text that became mangled during the Filemaker direct importing process using the dBase format.  Exporting into CSV files from Paradox did not work either because the BLOB field text became truncated.


                      Therefore, I exported my data from Paradox using its ability to write data in the older dBase III or IV table format and then imported these files into a free database program named Base, which is available from OpenOffice.org.  After the OpenOffice program translated my information, I then exported from this database into the CSV format.  Filemaker then successfully imported the CSV files with all of my information and text fully intact.  My guess is that there is a bug or incomplete code in the Filemaker .dbf import function, but not in the OpenOffice.org software.


                      Separate to the text issue in the BLOB fields, I also wrote a Paradox Application Language (PAL) script to export bitmap images stored in Paradox BLOB fields and that solution can be found by searching this forum also using the search word "Paradox".


                      While the various Paradox software iterations performed extremely well during the 1990s, enabling me to coast through the 2000s with my head down, I have been impressed with what a decade of progress enables Filemaker to do with little programming effort.