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    import problems


      import problems


      I am using FileMaker 10.3, with Mac Pages as the word processing program.

      I have been doing this for several years, and today have had a problem for the first time.

      I maintain a bibliography database with author, year, article, source etc. I wanted to add some additional references. I created a word-processing, tab-separated text of the new entries, which FileMaker identified as a tab-separated text. When I attempted to import it, it only imported the first field.

      I created a clone of the existing database, and imported these same records into the clone, and it created the records just fine.

      When I tried to import the clone into the main database, again, only  the first filed appeared in the main database.

      Any suggestions?

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          There are many different options you can select when importing records. What options are you selecting?

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            I had been using import - file- tab-separated text

            What I finally did was create a clone of the original file, import the old file into the clone, and then use the clone to import the new stuff I wanted.  The clone works fine and I simply deleted the older file.

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              I had been using import - file- tab-separated text

              I got that from your first post, but there are many other options you might select during this process.

              All of the following can affect your results:

              What table is linked to the layout current when you imported.
              Your import action options ( add new, update existing, update matching )
              your field mapping
              add remaining data as new records
              Don't import first record
              Enabling auto-entry during import...

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                As I mentioned, I have been doing this for some years.  I go File > Impoirt > Open File / tab separated text / pick the relevant word processing text> .open; then I match the fields to the relevant information in the ocument (Target: Current Table "Untitled"; arrange by custom order > input > perform auto entry > input

                This works fine now, but just was not working with the previous incarnation of the file. 

                - Michael D

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                  One of the things that happens when you import into a clone is that you rebuild all the indexes in the file. It's possbile this index rebuild corrected the problem.

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                    Thank you. If "felt" like some sort of corruption, and my next step was going to be a reinstall.