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import problems

Question asked by NeilWolf on Jun 23, 2011
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import problems


We have a working filemaker database that I have rebuilt from the ground up. I am attempting to import data from the old database into the new database. I set up a layout in both files with exactly the same fields. I exported all the records from the old file to a new filemaker file to make sure that I had the data that I needed. When I look at the exported file everything is there. Then I opened the new database, navigated to the layout that had the same fields as my exported file and did an import of the filemaker file based on the field names. I checked the list of fields to make sure that the correct data is set to populate the correct fields and everything matches up. When I import the data most of it transfers but I am missing the data in some of the fields. The missing data is just static text and numbers nothing calculated. I have tried the same with other export formats (excel txt etc.) Any ideas?

Current working environment is filemaker 11 on snow leopard. The original database was made in filemaker 9 on tiger. I have attempted the import in both 11 and 9.