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    import problems



      import problems


      We have a working filemaker database that I have rebuilt from the ground up. I am attempting to import data from the old database into the new database. I set up a layout in both files with exactly the same fields. I exported all the records from the old file to a new filemaker file to make sure that I had the data that I needed. When I look at the exported file everything is there. Then I opened the new database, navigated to the layout that had the same fields as my exported file and did an import of the filemaker file based on the field names. I checked the list of fields to make sure that the correct data is set to populate the correct fields and everything matches up. When I import the data most of it transfers but I am missing the data in some of the fields. The missing data is just static text and numbers nothing calculated. I have tried the same with other export formats (excel txt etc.) Any ideas?

      Current working environment is filemaker 11 on snow leopard. The original database was made in filemaker 9 on tiger. I have attempted the import in both 11 and 9.


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          Are you importing from a file of data exported from the original file or are you importing directly from the original file?

          If importing from an exported file of data, check the data file by opening it in Excel or a text editor to see if the data was exported successfully.

          If this is what you've done, try importing the data directly from the original file instead of from an intermediary file. FileMaker 9 and FileMaker 11 have exactly the same file formats so you should have no trouble importing directly from the original FileMaker file.

          If all else fails, try importing from the original file, but use the new table option instead of the table you have created. Then examine this new table to see if the data was fully imported. If not, you may want to recover the original file and then import from it.

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            I fixed my problem. I recovered the file and that didn't do anything.

            I attempted to import from the original file rather than an intermediary file and that didn't work.

            I checked the other tables in the file and a related table was missing data that must have been required. I re imported the data in the related table and then imported the problem file and everything is good.

            thanks for the suggestions.