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Import Questions with same Survey ID

Question asked by BrentPowers on Apr 26, 2013
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Import Questions with same Survey ID


     Hey All

     I am new to the forums and I have learned tons since I started with FM a week and a half ago.  Thanks for all the information on this forum.  Unfortunately, I am still utterly green.  I was hoping that y'all could help me.


     I am creating a database for surveys that have simple answers (Yes, No, Maybe).  In the end I want to create a report with the answer tallies that I can use to create charts/graphs.  I figure you can see everything in the screenshot.

     To get the survey questions into the survey I was importing the records through a script triggered by a "new survey" button.  Each question is imported into its own record, but they each have a unique Survey ID.  I want them to have the same Survey ID and be able to view them on the same Survey layout.  Is this possible?

     Thanks in advance for your time!