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Import Raw data and clean up records

Question asked by AlexE on Apr 2, 2015
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Import Raw data and clean up records



I'm importing a bunch of raw sales data from hundreds of different store locations. I have basically 2 tables that are needed for this operation. a StoreInfo table that contains all covered locations (about 400 locations) with full store info. And a second table for Raw Data (RAW)

We get raw sales data in an excel spreadsheet from a vendor. I can import the data and convert it for our needs just fine. My issue is that I have about 70,000 records in my raw data table but most of it is from locations that I don't care about (basically the ones NOT in my StoreInfo) and it increases the file size quite a bit. 

So what I'm trying to figure out is an efficient method for either skipping the non-covered stores during import or to then simply delete the non-covered stores from the raw sales data. 

I created a loop that compares StoreID's from the RawData to StoreInfo using a Find each time and deletes the RawData record if that record contains data from a non-covered location but it takes over 20 minutes on a Quad-Core MacBook Pro with plenty of RAM. I'm convinced I can make this faster, just can't seem to figure it out. 

Go to Layout (RAW)

Go to Record/Request/Page (First)
  set Variable ($compare ; RAW:StoreID)
  Go to Layout (StoreInfo)
  Enter Find Mode
  Set Field (StoreInfo:StoreID ; $compare)
  Perform Find
  if (Get (FoundCount) = 0)
    Go To Layout (RAW)
    Delete Record/Request
    Go To Layout (RAW)
  End If
  Go To Record/Request/Page (Next; Exit after last)
End Loop


Any "faster" ideas or script steps I might have missed??