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Import Record Script Step

Question asked by Kaps_1 on Aug 5, 2012
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Import Record Script Step


I have two tables in my FM Pro 12 database labelled "Companies" and "Holding Area Companies".  I am trying to write a script that imports data into the "Holding Area Companies" table.

I have a layout called "Companies" - based on the table labelled companies. There is a button on this tab labelled "Import" - which performs a script called "Import Records". The script switches to the layout "Holding area Companies" based on the table "Holding Area Companies".

Following this there is an import record script step. However the import record step only allows me to import to the "Companies" rather than the "Holding Area Companies" table. What do I need to do in the script to allow me to import into the "Holding Area Companies" table ? The two tables are related through the field "Application Id".

I attach a screen shot of my script. thanks.