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Import records script returns file not found error

Question asked by NicholasFernandez on Dec 22, 2013
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Import records script returns file not found error



     In attempting to find a workaround for one problem, I seem to have created another.

     I wanted to write a script that would allow users to select any database from our records as the source from which to import records into the current database while ensuring that the import order of fields was predetermined. My research revealed that the only way to set the import order was by having the database from which the records are coming pre-selected. So I created a script that:

  •           Import records from a predetermined database
  •           Deletes these records immediately
  •           Then prompts the user to select the database from which they want to import records, using "last order" as the import order

     The script works fine, but it always returns an error message of "The previous script step, “Import Records”, could not be completed because of an error.  Do you wish to continue with this script?" (error number 100 – – file not found)

     Either half of the script works fine with the other part disabled, and whether the user selects "cancel" or "continue," makes no difference; the records are still imported correctly. However, the message will be disconcerting to many users and needs to be avoided.

     Any suggestions on how I could fix my script were simply override the warnings so that the user doesn't see it? (I've already tried setting air capture to "on.")

     Let me know if any additional information would help. Thanks!