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Import records script step Error 729

Question asked by CarlisleLandel on Jun 27, 2014
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Import records script step Error 729


     This one is driving me nuts.

     I have a script to import a CSV file into my DB.  Because the data are being split between multiple tables, there are 3 separate script steps calling upon this dataset.  

     One of the steps simply refuses to import data, giving me the dreaded 729 error code.  [Well duh, yeah, there is an error.  Could ya be a bit more specific?]

     If I use the script debugger and just start the script at this step, it works just fine.

     The other odd thing is that after I set up the import order and hit OK, the "Import Options" dialog box fails to appear as it normally does.

     This is actually a duplicate script, made from one that serves the same function for a similar dataset split among a different set of tables.  I saw a hint somewhere that this sometimes happens with duplicate scripts.  I guess I could re-write the whole thing, but the data mapping is sort of painful, so before I do that, I thought I'd seek the wisdom of the group.

     I'm using FMP12, and the DB is being hosted on Server12.  (At some point I'll convert to 13).

     Thanks for any light you can shed on this,