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    Import Records using variables in the directory



      Import Records using variables in the directory



      I am trying to write a script to import data from a list of files (I have over 300 FM12 files that need to be merged into a single database)

      I am using the following script:

      Set Field [input number;0]


      Set Field [inputNumber;inputNumber+1]

      Import Records [No dialog;"$inputDirectory";add;Womdpws ANSI]

      Exit Loop if [inputDirectory="END"]

      End Loop


      The file directories live in a table with a list of input numbers.  As the variable inputNumber is updated, a new value is stored in inputDirectory.


      The script does not seem to work, and I'm guessing it's because of either a syntax error, or the Import Fields command does not allow for a variable in the file directory.


      Any help with this would be much appreciated!