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Import Runtime Files back into FMP application

Question asked by jfeeney123321 on Nov 22, 2014
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Import Runtime Files back into FMP application


I have a FMP Runtime database that I have used to update data out in the field. I now want to import the Runtime Files back into the original File Maker Pro Advanced Database. The Runtime Files contain Container Fields that store the location of pictures of inventory items and other container fields w/ PDFs (much like the fields in the Product Catalog Starter Solution). When I export files from the Runtime Application, the only export option that does not send the Notice that the container fields can not be exported is the export option as "FileMaker Pro Runtime Files (*.fmpur)". But I do not see "*.fmpur" as an IMPORT option back in the original FMP Adv database. I suspect that I will need to do a manual entry of each to get them back in the original FMP Application  but w. 2,000 records I'm hoping their is a way to import them . So any suggestions are appreciated, thank you in advance. Jack