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Question asked by CraigFiore on Dec 15, 2010
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Import Script



Im not sure the best way to handle this situation. So, Im looking for some help. I have two separate data base FMP files. One is "Purchase Orders",and the second is "Inventory". I want to keep them separate because the Inventory will not always be used. We will only use that on big jobs.

The "PO" data base is strictly for purchasing material for jobs. The Inventory database is used to track how much material is on each building and to track how much is used on a certain size building. Sometimes we get jobs up to 50 buildings. A lot of times, material will be moved from building to building after it has been ordered.

What I would like to do is type in a PO number into my Inventory database and have the data from just that PO import over to the Inventory data base. I would like to keep it down to one click of a button.

Any Ideas?