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Import Script Not Working.

Question asked by bablahemen on Sep 14, 2011
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Import Script Not Working.



I being trying to import records from DB1 ro DB2 by calling an script.

DB1 have 2 Table, T1 & t2. both have relationship with each other.

Same DB 2 also have T1 & T2.

DB1 - T1 contains data of customer info. and T2 contains what product will he buy.

i am facing an problem on importing the records related to T1 - Record ID from T2, to DB2 - T2. its import all the records. which ever are created new also the old one.

in the script i have omited the current record which i want to import. but when importing the records from T1 get perfectly imported but from T2 its not. its import all the records related to T1 records in DB2 which are already imported

i have attached an image file of the script.

please anyone can help me !!!